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Plusoptics Auto Refractometer A12c German

Price : INR 330,000.00

plusoptiX A12C
80% of the sensory input is received by the eyes. Especially for babies, infants and children, an early screening can help to remain this functionality.
plusoptiX A12C has been developed to perform these kind of screenings. The ophthalmologist is able to detect visual disorders within one second.
The binocular refraction measurement (both eyes are measured simultaneously), and the measurement from one meter distance is unique and makes this device special.
To make the screening as easy as possible for the user, one of the main focuses of the developing-process has been design and functionality.
The very clean design and its decent coloration represent perfectly the technical quality and the ease of use.
Intuitive use is granted by the touchscreen, being placed in a 60 degree angle, and the carry handle, which is integrated in the device.
All USB-interfaces and other slots are placed in such a way, that easy access is given.
The smiley on the front of the device and a warble sound attract the child’s attention and ensures that the eyes are looking at the device during the measurement.
A neck strap, which can be plugged in, makes it more comfortable for the user to perform large scale screenings. Nevertheless, freedom of movement is granted at any time.


Model Number A12C White 1

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Product Code UV144
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